Faina Rapoport

"She carried a mental portrait of New York City..."

Wife of Yuriy. Mother of Alex & Elena.

Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Two of the many images from Faina Rapoport's mental portrait of New York City. She carried these with her for years in hopes that she and her family could escape religious persecution by moving to the United States.

Faina and her family finally received refugee status in 1994, and moved from Moscow, Russia to New York. Settling in Brighton Beach near Coney Island, Faina Rapoport studied English and eventually got a job as a computer programmer at Accenture at the World Trade Center.

Faina was working in WTC Tower One, between floors 93-100 on September 11th, 2001.

She was 45 years old.

"I know my mother is still happy about coming to America. She accomplished things that she never would have been able to do in Russia."

~Elena Rapoport, daughter

Faina's guestbook

There is very little information about Faina on the internet.
But I know, that like 2995 others, she has family and friends
who love her and miss her very much.
I'm proud to be able to pay tribute to her.